Dave Ramsey's "10 Ideas For Awesome Christmas Parties"

It's that time of year again when the pressure is on to stage a successful office Christmas party. Financial guru, Dave Ramsey, offers these suggestions:


  1. Make sure spouses can come. I’ve had jobs where the spouses were not allowed. That is an instant buzzkill.
  2. Hold it a few weeks before Christmas. You hold it on the 18th of December, and very few people are going to come.
  3. Make sure the executives are into it. Nothing kills a party faster than management members who aren’t excited.
  4. Hire a DJ or a live band instead of someone’s kid who owns a lot of MP3s.
  5. Form a “Christmas Party Committee” and give them the freedom to really think up some fun ideas.
  6. Survey the staff and see what they really want this year. Don’t assume.
  7. Don’t try to execute a live nativity scene. The donkey always bites someone. Always. You don’t want a donkey liability this year.
  8. If possible, don’t hold it at work. In a conference room. On a Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. That’s not a Christmas party, that’s a Christmas meeting.
  9. Have fun. Don’t turn it into a “year-end review party” where you go over all your financial statements. There shouldn’t be any PowerPoint at this event.
  10. If you have promotions or bonuses or anything else good happening in December, save it for the Christmas party. Combine your awesome into one big night.


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